Basic Slot Information

Netent When Pigs Fly is a casino game with 20 paylines and 5 reels. Its sarcastic name gives you an idea of how captivating the game is. Available on popular online casinos like , When Pigs Fly is played on special cross shaped grid. Its captivating features have made it one of the most played.

What is When Pigs Fly Game Origin?

Of course, you must be interested in knowing what is the origin of this game given its interesting name. And for sure, the game lives up to its name! It is a captivating slot game available on popular sites like onlineenglishchannel . It originated from a cartoon show first aired on Nickelodeon back in the 1990s.

If you have actually played the game, you will notice that it has a new and unique storyline unlike the one in the cartoon show. When Pigs Fly slot game has outstanding graphics that most players find attractive. Its easy to understand gameplay is another exciting feature. Players find it easy to adopt to and execute.


Which is the Best Way to Win?

There is no sure way of winning on Netent When Pigs Fly, or for that matter, any other casino game. The best you can do is increase your chances of winning. Perhaps, the most effective way to increase your chances of winning is through studying the slot machine. It is gives you better chances of winning.

The advantage with Netent When Pigs Fly is that it is compatible with most devices including mobile phones and laptops. This means that players can play it from anywhere. Its captivating animation design and soundtracks is another added advantage. Experts recommend regular practise as another way of improving your game skills, tactics and game approach.

How Many Game Levels are Available?

If you have been in the gambling industry, you will notice that each casino game has different difficulty levels. When Pigs Fly has ten levels with five different coin values. You can choose any stake amount between 5 to 100. This determines how much you want to stake. The levels play a very important role in game outcome.

The higher the level, the higher pay out rates. Gamblers are warned against going for higher levels without having the basic experience needed to tackle such levels. Always go for game levels you are comfortable with and can handle. If you want to go for the higher levels, make sure you have the necessary experience and skills.

How do you Win Slots?

When you start playing Netent When Pigs Fly, you will realize that it doesn't resemble others. In simpler terms, this slot game needs strategic approach that you can use anywhere else. You have to be careful with every move you make and the levels you chose. Going for difficult levels could cost you the game.

In a typical standard game, When Pigs Fly offers you several ways to win with a 1-3-3-5-1 layout instead of the usual 5 by 3 reels. This is the reason why you need to be very careful when approaching this slot game. You have to ensure that each step and action is perfect.

What are the Best Features of When Pigs Fly?

This game is simply a whole package. Netent got almost everything right when creating this casino game. It has excellent graphics, outstanding gameplay and above all, it is easy to play. It does not only give you an opportunity to win money but also entertains you to the core. It is interesting with eye-catching graphics.

In conclusion, When Pigs Fly is a must have slot game for any online casino. And the good news is that you don't have to go to an online casino to play it. Instead, you can simply download it and play it on your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. It is compatible with a wide number of devices.